Temple Beth El

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What is a Havurah?
The word "havurah" comes from the Hebrew word "haver," meaning friend. Its primary purpose is to promote Jewish fellowship. Each havurah is a small community of congregants who gather together to socialize, learn more about Jewish subjects, celebrate Jewish holidays, or may take any focus that the group chooses. Some groups are formed for religious study, some are purely social, and many are a combination. While a havurah may form to fulfill one particular need, ideally all the other expressions of Jewish life will be experienced within this self-selected Jewish community.
Each havurah defines its own goals and means for growth and self-expression. Some havurot will meet many times throughout the year, such as monthly, while others will meet less frequently. The havurah may meet in members' homes or at a chosen place such as a museum, park, restaurant or theater. Typical activities may include:
  • creating family holiday celebrations
  • joining together for Shabbat meals
  • working on a volunteer project
  • attending temple activities together or meeting afterwards
  • arranging a group outing to a local museum, amusement park, etc.
The group is encouraged to create programs that celebrate Jewish life and build community. A havurah may consist of singles, couples, families or any combination of the above. Typically, a havurah has about 20 members or 8-10 families.
Why join a Havurah?
Being part of a havurah provides temple members with an opportunity to develop and strengthen friendships with others who share similar interests. Whether you're a new member looking to meet other congregants or an existing member seeking new friendships, a havurah is a great way to create an extended family within the Temple Beth El community.
To learn more about joining a havurah, contact Joan Friedman: joanfriedman@cox.net 310-541-1188