Temple Beth El

iEngage 2017-2018
Going deeper than politics or advocacy, the iEngage course re-frames the discussion about the enduring significance of the State of Israel for contemporary Jews. Participants will become equipped with quintessentially Jewish values-based vocabulary to define and articulate why Israel can and should be fundamental to their Jewish identity.

Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship
The video lecture series, now in use by hundreds of synagogues and community groups across North America, focuses on the critical questions facing world Jewry with regard to Israel, returns to Temple Beth El for 2017-2018.

Join the many communities and thousands of concerned individuals in establishing a new narrative of Jewish values and ideas that encourages Jews to engage with Israel and to act on a vision of what they believe can and ought to shape the modern Jewish nation and its policies. 

The Hartman Institute video lecture series brings the excellence of Hartman scholarship directly to your community. Providing relevant, contemporary approaches to the most urgent challenges facing the Jewish people today, the lecture series enriches the adult learning experience. Each session in this nine-unit course includes a 25 minute video lecture and a 25 minute roundtable discussion with Cantor Ilan Davidson. Also included is a sourcebook with background readings.

Coming back to Temple Beth El, Cantor Ilan Davidson will be teaching this deep and insightful Shalom Hartman Institute Israel iEngage Course. It will be a dine and learn event from 6:00 to 9:00, so bring your own dinner (drinks & desserts will be provided) and learn with Cantor Ilan.
For information and to enroll, please contact Carrie Hernandez at the Temple Office, or you may e-mail her.